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Urinary Bladder Cancer – Clinical Image

The main symptom of the disease is hematuria, i.e. blood presence in urine, giving out a red color.
It has three distinct features:

-> It is total, i.e. all urine is red.
-> It’s painless, i.e. the patient does not hurt.
-> It’s intermittent, i.e. one day there may be blood in urine and the other day no bloods and bloodless urine may last for a long time (months or years).

This is unfortunately a disadvantage because the patient rests calm, while the disease progresses.

Rarely, patients with bladder cancer have constant hematuria.

Other symptoms may be irritant type, i.e. frequency, dysuria and urinary urgency, pain could be due to blockage from clots or filtration in advanced disease stages. Metastases’ symptoms are analogue to the organ symptoms – i.e. to which metastasis is localized .

Haematuria is thus the main symptom.