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Laser lithotripsy

Laser Lithotripsy uses a flexible optical fiber that is inserted through an endoscope intraurethral in the area where the stone is – either on the bladder or ureter, or kidney. Laser beam via the optical fiber shatters the stone, which is expelled through the urethra.

This method has now been established as a revolutionary treatment method for urolithiasis. This treatment type is increasingly replacing the traditional extracorporeal lithotripsy where the stone is bombarded by shock waves generated outside the body.

Advantages of laser lithotripsy versus IVF method, include:

  1. Best Treatment for more complex lithiasis
  2. Increase success rate of the first treatment
  3. Less number of treatments as the final result
  4. No risk creating potential foci formation of new stones

Advantages of laser lithotripsy versus other endoscopic techniques:

  1. Better access due to the flexibility and small diameter of the optical fiber.
  2. Shortest movement of the stone during the treatment
  3. Most effective in all kinds of stones
  4. Less bleeding during treatment

The laser StoneLight system is specifically designed for laser lithotripsy applications in all areas of the urinary tract, including narrow and inaccessible areas and faces all kinds of stones, even the most resistant.

The ability to use different fiber diameters (150-910mm) makes StoneLight highly versatile and effective for lithotripsy in:

  1. Kidney stones
  2. Ureter stones
  3. Bladder stones

Simple Electrical Requirements (220V – 10 Amp) and compact and lightweight construction (51kg) StoneLight allow rapid safe and easy movement.