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Greenlight Laser

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia is a condition that occurs most often in men over 50 years. It is estimated that in Greece there are about 12,000 prostate removal surgeries annually.

The method PVP using GreenLight, a special high power green laser, wavelength 532nm.

Through a lateral emission optical fiber which enters diourithrika through cystoscopy, the GreenLight laser sublimated and simultaneously absorbs the prostate so perfectly controlled.

The method is simple and repeatable.

The user twisting the optical fiber right-left, scans the stenosis area, seperate the walls of prostatic lobes layer to layer until it reaches the prostatic capsule. The method is rapid and simpler than other transurethral methods .

This type of laser and the 532nm wavelength which transmits the beam has three unique features that make the method particularly successful:

  1.  The excellent hemostasis (restriction and elimination of postoperative hematuria)
  2.  The practically zero zone necrosis of the underlying tissue (no postoperative tissue apoptosis)
  3. The unique superiority beam of green laser to seperate tissue remote (noncontact) in a moist environment, while the beam penetrates the runoff, resulting in the target tissue, thereby allowing convenient and simple operations.

Greenlight The system consists of:

  •  the main production unit of the laser beam
  •  side – emitting optical fiber one use

Mainly device
The mainly device produces laser beam of wavelength 532nm. The production system is a solid state laser. For the production of a specific wavelength, a special crystal.

Optical fiber
The one use optical fiber that used is lateral emission. The optical fiber is inserted into the prostate through a cystoscope (21, 22.5 or 23 French, and a snout 30° or 12th optics) and due to the lateral emission seperates sublimates prostatic lobes.
For easy handling the fiber has a blue sign at its top, which indicates the output of the beam in the opposite direction, and torsion in the proximal handle portion of a specific indicator of parallelism of the beam.