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Advantages of laser method in Urology

Advantages for the patient 

  1. Immediate relief of symptoms – Rapid evacuation during recovery.
  2. Fewer symptoms of irritation and side effects.
  3. Catheterization limited by all, to less than 24 hours (as opposed to other methods, where the catheter remains in the patient for 2-5 days).
  4. The patient usually leaves either the same or the next day.
  5. Workable even in outpatients.
  6. Rapid recovery: The patient returns to normal activities within a few days.
  7. Safe use of the laser in patients with implanted pacemakers or defibrillators.

Advantages for the surgeon

  1. Results according to classical TURP method, but with fewer complications from TURP.
  2. Practically, a non-invasive method
  3. Applicable even in patients with anticoagulation.
  4. Fast and easy to learn.
  5. Wide selection of patients – Patients with retention
  6. Wide choice of size and glands’ morphology – Patients on anticoagulants.
  7. Different choices of anesthesia – spinal, general, perineal block with sedation. Using serum
  8. Elimination of absorption syndrome.
  9. Long-term results.

Advantages for hospital/healthcare system

  1. Reducing hospitalization cost;
  2. Unlocking hospital beds;
  3. Applying it on Day Clinic conditions;
  4. Reduce prolonged costs (e.g. medication);
  5. Reduce management costs of complications associated with other methods (e.g. TURP).

It should be noted that the Greenlight laser method, differs substantially and outperforms previous methods of the laser (Nd: YAG, Holmium) which did not have the expected results, or were hardly applicable and thus there was created skepticism.

The great success of this method is due to the use of GreenLight, a special type of green laser. Additionally, the ease and effectiveness of the technique, which provides direct sublimation of hyperplastic prostate on an intraurethral mode through a flexible optical fiber with simultaneous hemostasis. These advantages did not appear in other laser methods.