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It is a bacterial disease that is transmitted through sexual contact (acquired syphilis). Most often affects men and the responsible microbe is the bacterium, Treponema Pallidum.

If not treated, the disease may also appear as:

 Primary syphilis:

appears as a painless ulcer with hard and smooth lips, genitals and more rarely in the mouth or the anus (if preceded by oral sex or anal sex). Later, enlarged lymph nodes are shown which are mobile, but clearly defined.

 Secondary syphilis:

appears as rash on palms and soles, lymphadenopathy (swollen lymph nodes and hepatosplenomegaly) and systemic symptoms such as joint pain, cough, febrile.

 Latent syphilis:

only tests found the disease after his / her patient has no symptoms at all.
Treatment includes administration Penicilline G im single and repeated in 1 week.