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Urinary System Lithiasis – prevention

Urinary System Lithiasis – prevention

After addressing lithiasis acute episode, it is necessary to regularly control your case and take the necessary steps to prevent recurrences, which in the case of patients with lithiasis are very common.Urinary System Lithiasis – prevention

Originally, a full urological control by radiography, kidney-bladder ultrasound, intravenous pyelography or CT urography, will document potential problems of the sewage system, causing urine and urinary tract predisposal to infections and lithiasis.

Following an extensive biochemical blood and urine checkup, we will look for possible pathological causes leading to urolithiasis.

General measures that should be applied to prevent lithiasis, irrespective of cause include:

A. Incresed uptake of fluids, especially water, to ensure urine output more than 2 liters per day. This means, depending on the climatic conditions that a patient with lithiasis predisposition should consume at least 3 liters of water daily.

B. Certain food limited consumption – such as products that contain increased calcium, especially dairy products, and those that are rich in oxalates, such as certain vegetables, cocoa, chocolate and tea.

C. Salt & fat intake restriction – studies have shown that restricting salt intake and fat and increasing fiber intake can act as a deterrent to the formation of stones especially those of calcium oxalate.

All these dietary precautions combined with contemporary address possible accompanying diseases, metabolic diseases such as urinary inflammation. Besides, but the most important measure is the systematic consumption of water, leading to a substantial reduction of relapses.