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The surgeon urologist Lekas Alexandros completed his undergraduate studies with a grade of excellent (10). He served his military service as a physician in Lesvos and military cadet school.

He worked at the hospital “Tzanio” in clinical Pathology, Surgery and Cardiology and subsequently served as a rural doctor in Poros.

Then he trained in surgery clinic of 7th IKA Hospital and for two years he served in Professor Surgery, Vascular Mr Berikoko Christo. Then he worked in the Department of Urology in Nikai Hospital with director Mr. John Fokiti and then Mr. Sotirios Koritsiadi.

In September of 2005 takes place in written examinations organized by the European Urological Association, involving 450 urologists residents from 16 European countries and occupies the first position with 100% success, performance for which it receives financial and money praise.

In 2007 he received the title of Urologic Surgeon and the same year after conducting written and oral examinations, under the auspices of the European Association of Urology proclaimed member of the College of European Urology acquires the title of Fellow of the European Board of Urology (FEBU).

In August OF 2007, proclaimed Doctor of Medicine, University of Athens with grade (10) for the PhD thesis entitled “The effect of administration of finasteride in the vasculature of the prostate”, led by Professor of Urology Mr Deliveliotis Charalambos. Postgraduate studies in Germany, in Klinik für Urologie und Kinderurologie, Ammerland Klinik, at the University Gottingen, where he specialized in modern treatment  of prostate diseases in andrology as well as urinary incontinence in women and men and the urodynamic testing.

Until today, his research work has been rewarded with 17 papers in international conferences14 in paneuropean 24 papers in conferences and Mediterranean and in conference on research in Urology, 40 papers in Greek conferences as well as five publications in international journals, while he has participated as speaker for urological issues in a variety of scientific events.

The surgeon urologist Leka Alexander has won awards for his scientific and research work with the 1st prize for young researchers in Urology, with 2nd prize in National Urology Congress, with third prize at the European Conference and also with commendation for original research work in the European Conference.

He is a member of the following scientific societies and associations:

• Athens Medical Association

• Greek Urological Association

• European Association of Urology [European Urological Association (EAU)]

• American Urological Association [American Urological Association (AUA)]

• European Society of Sexual Medicine [European Society for Sexual Medicine (ESSM)]

• World Society for Sexual Medicine [International Society for Sexual Medicine (ISSM)]

• Endoourologikis Company (Endourological Society).

• Department of Oncology Hellenic Urological Association.

• Department of Urodynamic, Neurourology & Gynecology Urology / Urologist Hellenic Company.

• Department of Andrology Hellenic Urological Association.