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Acuired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS-HIV)

Patients with AIDS exhibit plurality symptoms from the urinary tract which may be microscopic or macroscopic hematuria up fulminant gangrene of the scrotum. Often these patients suffering from nephropathy caused by the virus itself, which results in kidney failure in 1/3 of the cases.

The kidney infection, when displayed, is so intense and persistent that leads to renal abscess requiring nephrectomy as the sole treatment. The cystitis, urethritis are, the prostatitis and prostate abscesses are too often long and require special treatment targeted to specific causative agent therapy.

Regarding the testis often observed orchitis and epididymitis which require specific antibiotic treatment for a long time. Often also in these patients appears Fournier gangrene that requires immediate and wide debridement and intravenous antibiotic therapy.